We at J.BAGOT Arqueología – Ancient Art have been  dedicated professionally to the sale of ancient art since the year 2005. Since our beginnings our philosophy has been to collect each object with car, based on criteria like the intrinsic beauty of the object, its aesthetic value and , of course, its historic importance.

Lovers of classical antiquity who come to our new gallery, right in the centre of the city of Barcelona, will be able to take pleasure in viewing extraordinary works from Greek and Roman culture, comprehensively represented  with large sculptures and  ceramic vases; works like figurines and sarcophagi from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia; carefully selected objects from Pre-Columbian culture and also from the  Kingdom of Gandhara and Ancient China.

We  supply private collections and  public institutions throughout the world with works of high quality. It is at the same time a priority of our organization to serve all collectors, and we do this through offering both pieces of museum quality  along with pieces for more modest collections , both with the same  dedication and the same guarantees.  Our main objective is to offer original ancient works of art guaranteeing their authenticity and maximum quality while at the same time strictly complying with the  laws of protection of national, foreign and UNESCO heritage.

Moreover, the team at J.BAGOT Arqueología – Ancient Art  works with  resources like the thermo luminescence test and  Carbon 14 dating to be able to ensure the authenticity of pieces as concerns their description and dating. We also carry out exhaustive research into the provenance and previous ownership of the pieces. To this end we make use of the  data base of stolen objects, Art Loss Register,   as well as making use of  publications, sworn  statements, dated photographs, bills,  customs documents and  insurance policies.

Ancient Works of art from our gallery can be found in the following public and private institutions: Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid), Museo de las Américas (Madrid), Museo del Vino Dinastía Vivanco (La Rioja), Museu del Cava Ramon Canals (Barcelona), Museo Valdelana (La Rioja), Antikenmuseum Basel and Sammlung Ludwig (Suiza), Umi-Mori Art Museum (Hiroshima) y Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden).

Another objective of the gallery J. BAGOT Arqueología – Ancient Art is to  offer to the public and art lovers in general the possibility to see temporary exhibitions and publicize fully  the works included in them. A recent example of this is the publication of a catalogue of the archeological collection of the Spanish artist, Ignacio Zuloaga –  a collection  begun by his father and completed by the artist himself – and made up of  a small group of excellent examples of ancient classical ceramics. Another is the exhibition we held in Madrid of the biggest private collection in the country of rings, intaglios and cameos – made up of more than two thousand pieces –  from all ancient epochs: from the earliest examples from the 6th millennia BC in the Middle East pieces from ancient Egypt, Greece, Phoenicia, Carthage, Pre-Roman Europe, the Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, Medieval Europe, the Islamic world the Renaissance and finally to works from the 19th Century. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue setting out the finest examples, and is in fact the most complete document of  ancient rings published in Castilian.

Every year we participate in different art and ancient art fairs, both national and international: Feriarte (Madrid), Antiquaris (Barcelona), Atarazanas (Barcelona) and FAMA (Barcelona), BRAFA (Brussels, Winter B Sablon (Brussels) and  Bruneaf (Brussels).

  • As we are dealing with unique pieces, the availability of said pieces to the client is subject to confirmation from J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art once the reception of the request from the client has been verified.
  • The cataloguing of the pieces included in their corresponding description has been carried out by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art in accordance with their professional experience, and after previous investigation and checking against similar pieces catalogued in public collections, private collections or to be found in the art market, and also with the backing of scientific tests that allow the age of the piece to be ascertained, always when such tests can be carried out.
  • J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art guarantees the authenticity of the pieces which are offered.
  • Each piece sold will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art, and also by any scientific analysis or studies that have been expressly carried out for the said piece, and which have been mentioned previously in the description.
  • For questions of privacy, in many of the descriptions of pieces to be found on the webpages, the provenance of the piece on offer is not expressly identified. This provenance, as far as it is known to J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art, will be registered in the data file for the piece which will be given to the purchaser, with the object of guaranteeing its legal provenance and trade.
  • The prices set for each piece have a merely informative value in relation to the date on which these have been communicated, and can be freely modified at any time by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art in accord with any circumstances in the market that could have an influence on these prices.
  • The prices set are price per unit for each piece, and include indirect taxes, as well as transport costsand transport insurance when the address to which the piece is to be delivered is within Spanish territory. (The transport will be carried out by urgent private messenger services or specialized transport.) The exceptions to the above are when the delivery is to go to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, and to international destinies. In these cases, J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art will inform the client of the pertinent costs.
  • Any other expenses, taxes or customs duties connected to the importation of the piece, which are required under the legislation of the country to which the piece is to be delivered, must be met totally at their own expense by the client.
  • We hereby inform clients that sales with destination to other countries, whether or not they are part of the European Union, are subject to the previous acquirement of an export permit issued by the Spanish authorities. Moreover, when the country of destination of the piece is not part of the European Union, Spanish legislation imposes an export tax. J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art, will inform interested parties about this on request.
  • In the case that said export permit is denied, the purchase agreement stands null and void, without responsibility falling on either party. J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art  will then proceed to refund the client the price paid for the piece, and in the case that this has also been paid in advance, the export tax.
  • Methods of payment accepted by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art, are by bank transfer, payment by credit card, and payment directly in the gallery. The use of cheques and cash payment by the client are subject to the legislation in force, and also to previous consent by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art.
  • The sending or handing over of the piece will, in general, take place within the three days following the receipt of payment, except in cases of agreement between both parties, in which case the client will be informed of the exact date and the means of dispatch. In the case where the country of destination is not Spain, the dispatching of the piece will take place in the same conditions stated, but counting from the receipt of the corresponding export permission issued by the Spanish authorities.
  • The delivery schedule will be what has been determined in each case by the transport agency charged with the delivery, and by any material circumstances that could affect this. J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art does not accept any responsibility for delays beyond the expected delivery date.
  • As a general rule, and without the need to put forward reasonable cause, the client may return the piece within fifteen calendar days of its reception. The purchase will then be considered annulled, following the instructions received from J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art.  The return of the piece is only possible if the piece is returned by the client in exactly the same condition in which it was received, without any damage, deterioration or loss. Expenses that might be entailed by this return (e.g. transport, insurance, etc.) will be exclusively at the expense of the client.
  • In the same manner, and within the same time frame of fifteen calendar days from the receipt of the piece by the client, the latter can proceed to return the piece for a justified cause, and in this case, the expenses will be met by J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art,  which must return to the client the amount paid. It is understood that just cause exists in the following cases: that the piece received by the client does not correspond to the piece acquired; that the piece presents important damage or considerable imperfections not described in the sale data file. To this effect, in no case will consideration be given to small chips, knocks, erosion and wear and tear on a small small scale, of the sort inherent to this type of piece for their very nature as archaeological objects, following the custom of the sector where it is accepted that chips, etc., on this small scale are not described in great detail in the sale data file.
  • In the same way, the client can proceed to return the piece at any moment, and without any time limit, and with the same obligation falling to J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art to proceed to the return of the quantity paid, and also the expenses inherent in this return in the following situations: in the case of a serious error in the cataloguing of a piece, understanding as such, the assigning to a piece to a culture or historic period different to the one to which  it should have been ascribed; or the properly proven lack of authenticity of a piece, ascertained through scientific analysis or supported by the opinions of recognised international experts.

J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art offers the following services:


The main function of J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art is the sale and purchase of archaeological pieces through legal trading.

As sellers, our purpose is to offer pieces of interest to private collectors, as well as public and private institutions, guaranteeing their authenticity and condition, as well as the legal provenance and trade of the piece.

We offer assessment to clients when their purpose is to complete their collections or to furnish additional investment value for the future.


We offer private persons rapid acquisition of their pieces through direct purchase, while at the same time informing potential sellers that it is an indispensable requisite that the licit provenance of the piece should be demonstrable by any means legally valid, and that the seller must be duly and correctly identified.

We can also carry out valuations of complete collections. The fees for this service are established in function of the volume of work that the valuation requires, according to a previously agreed budget. We believe that the work of the assessor is to give an independent, just, precise and real orientation about the value of each piece, without attending to the global value of the collection. That is the reason why we never establish our fees as a percentage of the global value of the collection, but rather base them on the work entailed in its valuation.


Following the acceptance of a quote, we can offer our clients the service of authentication of archaeological pieces by scientific means; tests of thermo luminescence; carbon 14 and metallography testing, all of which are carried out by private laboratories of recognised prestige and international credibility, recognised by antiquarians, gallery owners, auction houses, museums and experts.


Following the acceptance of a quote for the service, we can offer clients and collectors, as well as institutions, the possibility to have pieces in their property restored by experts expressly trained in restoration. If clients request it, we can provide them with a record of the intervention on the pieces backed up with a photographic report.


J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art can count on their own service of specialists for the mounting of items on stands and other elements for the presentation of archaeological pieces for exhibition, always respecting to the maximum the preservation and the integrity of the piece in question. The service can be offered to clients when the quote for the service and the design for the support have been agreed upon.

Obviously the gallery J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art guarantees the authenticity of all the pieces on offer both in its webpages and physically to be found in the gallery.

Authenticity is one of the main problems to be found in the art market as a whole.  While the market for (archaeological) ancient art and objects of an historical nature for collection  makes up a relatively small part of the art market in general, there are many falsifications to be found in the market, most of which are offered for on-line sale and can also be found on offer in other places without great difficulty. Discovering if a dealer is a serious person – one to be trusted and respected in the sector as well as by fellow gallery owners – is difficult on first contact. However, there are some characteristics that all collectors can check up on concerning any distributor with whom they are considering doing business:

Is the gallery or gallery owner a member of a professional organisation or other respected commercial organisation in the sector?

J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art is a member of some of the principal commercial organisations including: CINOA (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art); FEA (Federación Española de Anticuarios) and ADARA (Agrupación profesional de anticuarios de las reales atarazanas – Barcelona).

Does the gallery owner or gallery take part in exhibitions and national and international commerce and art fairs?

J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art annually takes part in the most important fair of art and antiquities in Spain, the FERIARTE (Madrid), as well as the art fair BRAFA (in Brussels), the most select fair in Belgium. At the same time the gallery has exhibited in national fairs such as ANTIQUARIS (Barcelona), ATARAZANAS (Barcelona), FAMA (Barcelona) and ARTEMANÍA (Madrid), as well as in international ones. It was invited to take part in the WINTER B SABLON (Brussels) and also in the most specialised fair of primitive-tribal-classical art, the BRUNEAF (Brussels).

Does the gallery owner or gallery sell to important collections, institutions and museums?

Pieces of ancient art coming from our gallery can be found in both private and public institutions such as: Museo Arqueológico Nacional (Madrid), Museo de las Américas (Madrid), Museo del Vino Dinastía Vivanco (La Rioja), Museu del Cava Ramon Canals (Barcelona), Museo Valdelana (La Rioja), Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig (Switzerland), Umi-Mori Art Museum (Hiroshima), Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden) y Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek (Munich).

Does the gallery or gallery owner offer a variety of works of quality and excellent provenance?

We are proud to be considered a trustworthy and scrupulous gallery in our field as concerns the question of provenance. The history of the ownership or the genealogical tree of the objects of a dealer can often say a lot about his or her reliability. One should look for a certain gravity in the pieces of a dealer, note if they have been exhibited or have appeared in publications, especially those pieces which are more unusual and of significance.


The present legal notice regulates the use of the website jbagot.com

J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art is the commercial name of the business J. Bagot Arqueología s.l., with CIF No. B-66812975, and whose registered address is fixed, for the purposes of this legal notice, at its commercial address in Barcelona in Calle Consell de Cent, 278, bajos 1, C.P. 08007. Similarly, J. Bagot Arqueología – Ancient Art is the owner and creator of the website jbagot.com.

Navigating the website jbagot.com imputes the condition of user of the site and implies the full acceptance without any reserve of all and each one of the regulations included in this legal notice.  The rights over content in our web, as well as over the images, are the sole property of J. Bagot Arqueología s.l., and for this reason the use of any part of the content by third parties, in any media, without our express consent will be reported. J. Bagot Arqueología s.l. reserves the right to use photographs of pieces already sold. The authenticity of any piece to be found on the web is guaranteed and is catalogued according to the best of our knowledge after rigorous research, through historical, scientific and stylistic studies as well as through comparison with other similar pieces.

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