Frog-form pendant

A pendant in the form of a frog, seen from above. The more figurative style used for the body is combined with a more schematized and geometric style for all the extremities. This amphibian shows a certain degree of detail such as the eyes with folds around them. From the eyes two gold threads continue down the length of the body. Small disks hang from the two upper limbs and another from the point where the lower limbs meet at the end of the body of the frog.

The frog, together with other amphibians in general, are symbolically connected to the moon in its phases, with the spirits and forces that dominate climatic changes, and also with fertility rites, always tied to the world of the eternal movement of water.

The working of metals appeared in Colombian regions towards the 6th Century BC when societies which had artisans skilled in working metals lived on the Pacific coast. During the two thousand years of development of metal working in Colombia, interrupted by the Spanish conquest in 1500 AD, a dozen different styles emerged, combining different techniques on diverse alloys and producing great quantities of exceptional quality. These were notable for their equilibrium and composition which give the Pre-Hispanic working of metals in Colombia an outstanding place in world art. The main themes seen are the human figure, animals, geometric forms and a combination of all of these.

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